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Since 1992

Color Coding
0.0025” Natural
0.005” Red
0.007” Yellow
0.010” Blue
0.020” Orange
0.030” Green
0.040” Grey
0.050” Black

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PEEK Tubing for HPLC - Solid Color

Most Popular HPLC Tubing

This standard, everyday use HPLC PEEK tubing is chemically resistant and flexible. Used in HPLC labs routinely.

Tolerance is +/- 0.05mm for both ID and OD.

All of MicroSolv’s PEEK tubing is extruded from virgin PEEK made by Victrex, the original manufacturer of PEEK material for the best quality in the industry. We do not add any additives to the original PEEK material, except for color particles in the solid colored tubing.

Striped colored tubing consists of natural PEEK tubing where a stripe will be added to the outside of the tubing after extrusion. We always recommend using striped or natural tubing, because PEEK is not stable to all chemicals. Some solvents may react with the PEEK wall material and dissolve the color particles.

Be aware of the limitations of PEEK material concerning solvents, temperature and pressure. If you are unsure, please get advice before using PEEK tubing.

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