MicroSolv manufactures HPLC columns, autosampler vials for HPLC & GC, syringe filters, fittings and accessories and small bore tubing. CE, TLC, Flash Chromatography and OPLC are also available. Separation sciences leaders.

Since 1992
Crimp Caps, Metal Caps Rubber/Teflon Septa
GC or HPLC, Standard Caps
for 12x32mm, 1.5mL Vials


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Any of the above aluminum crimp caps can be used with any 11mm crimp top vial or snap top Vial with appropriate crimping tools. The MicroSolv crimp caps are different from others that supply hard, red, natural rubber which was first used for its low cost. Our caps have a softer, silicone rubber with Teflon septa at the same or lower prices.

The advantages of silicone rubber v. natural rubber is lower extractables (even in GC), better sealing and less stress on your instrument. These caps are available in 5 different colors. Silver, red, blue, green and gold.

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