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Since 1992
  Cogent HPLC Columns
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Specifications - 5µm Silica

Silica: Spherical Shaped, Thermally Treated Sol-gel- Type B Silica; washed with Acid for low metals content, < 10ppm.

What You Can Expect:
Better Lot to Lot Consistency, More uniform bonding, improved peak shapes for basic analytes, isocratic mobile phases more effective, less need for mobile phase additives.

Cogent™ Bonded Phases:

Bonded Phase Pore Size Surface Area Pore Volume Particle Size End-Capping Carbon Load pH Range Max Temp
Cogent HPS C18 120 300m2/gm 0.99ml/gm 5µm Fully 18.50% 2.08.0 60C
Cogent HPS C8 120 300m2/gm 0.99ml/gm 5µm Fully 11.50% 2.08.0 60C
Cogent HPS Cyano 120 300m2/gm 0.99ml/gm 5µm Fully 7.50% 2.07.0 60C
Cogent HPS Amino 120 300m2/gm 0.99ml/gm 5µm Not 4.10% 2.07.0 60C
Cogent Phenyl 120 300m2/gm 0.99ml/gm 5µm Not 12.00% 2.08.0 60C
Cogent UPHOLDC27 120 300m2/gm 0.99gm/ml 5µm Fully 17.00% 2.08.0 60C
Cogent C30 200 N/A N/A 3 or 5µm Not 18.00% 2.08.0 40C