MicroSolv manufactures HPLC columns, autosampler vials for HPLC & GC, syringe filters, fittings and accessories and small bore tubing. CE, TLC, Flash Chromatography and OPLC are also available. Separation sciences leaders.

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Cogent HPLC Columns
Cogent TYPE-C™ HPLC Columns
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Cogent C8 300™ (Octyl, wide pore)
Cogent Bidentate C8™ (Octyl)
Cogent Bidentate C18™ (ODS)
Cogent Diamond Hydride™
Cogent Metabolomics column kit
Cogent Phenyl Hydride™
Cogent Silica-C™ for normal phase
Cogent UDA™-Weak Cation Exchange
Cogent UDC-Cholesterol™
Cogent suite of columns
Cogent Mini-Columns-Fast-LC
Cogent Guard Columns