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Cogent MS-Microbee
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Compare Waters® uBondapak™ with the
Cogent™ MS-MicroBee™ HPLC Columns

Finger Tight and/or Wrench Tight

  • Same Alpha Values
  • Same Retention Times
  • Same k’
  • Lower Cost

Anyone can make a 10µm, irregular shaped particle with 125A pore size and call it an equivalent to Waters® µBondapak™. At MicroSolv we have taken every effort to make the MS-MicroBee™ HPLC Columns consistently match more than just the selectivity of µBondapak™. We ensure batch to batch consistency and year to year reproducibility through our large batch sizes and proprietary production SOP.

Most methods based on µBondapak™ columns can be transferred to the MS-MicroBee Columns without modification.

Most laboratory managers today are concerned about sole sources and many have ordered the MS-MicroBee columns and use them as an active second source.

Now you can have more than one source for your SOPs. Try it and see for yourself.

Cogent™ MS-MicroBee™ HPLC Columns

Finger Tight and/or Wrench Tight

Particle Size: 10µm
Particle Shape: Irregular
Pore Size: 125A
Carbon Load: C18 10%
Phenyl 8%
Cyano 6%
Amino 3.5%
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