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Since 1992
Hydrophobic and Silanophilic Interaction Tests
for Cogent™ TYPE-C™ Silicon-Hydride
HPLC Columns

The “Neue Test”

Actual Chromatograms: Hydrophobicity Test
Phenomenex Luna C18 (2)™
4µm, 4.6 x150mm
Catalog No.: 00F-4252-EO


Method Conditions:
Mobile Phase: 35:65, 20mM phosphate buffer, pH 7/Methanol
Flow Rate: 0.5ml/min
Injection Volume: 1µl
Detection: UV 214nm
Sample: Dissolved in Methanol
Uracil 16mg/L
Napthalene 60mg/L
Acenaphthene 200mg/L
%RSD for Acenaphthene: 2.5%