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UV Calibration Kit

What are the methods suggested in this kit based on?

  1. ASTM 1657-94: “Standard Practice for Testing Variable-Wavelength Photometric Detectors Used in Liquid Chromatography”
  2. ASTM 925-83: “Standard Practice for the Periodic Calibration of Narrow Bandpass Spectrophotometers”
  3. NIST Standard Reference Material 935a: “Crystalline Potassium Dichromate for Use as an Ultraviolet Absorbance Standard”
  4. NIST Standard Reference Material 2034: “Holmium Oxide Solution Wavelength Standard from 240nm to 650nm”
  5. NIST Standard Reference Material 2032: “Crystalline Potassium Iodide Heterochromatic Stray Radiant Energy Standard for Ultraviolet Absorption Spectrophotometry”
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