MicroSolv manufactures HPLC columns, autosampler vials for HPLC & GC, syringe filters, fittings and accessories and small bore tubing. CE, TLC, Flash Chromatography and OPLC are also available. Separation sciences leaders.

Since 1992
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Available Literature:

  Cogent HPLC Columns
      8 page catalog of our most
      popular HPLC columns

Cogent Bidentate C8™
      Flyer listing common column
      dimensions for this Medium
      Hydrophobicity HPLC Column.
Cogent Bidentate C18™
      Based on TYPE-C Silica™,
      3 Application notes and
      frequently asked questions
Cogent Bidentate C18™
      Flyer listing common column
      dimensions for this Full
      Range HPLC Column.
Cogent Diamond Hydride™
      Flyer listing common column
      dimensions for this unique
      HPLC Column.
Cogent HPS™ Base
      Deactivated HPLC Columns
      High Purity Silica™
Cogent Silica-C™
      Flyer listing common column
      dimensions for this unmodified
      Silica Hydride HPLC Column.
Cogent UDC-Cholesterol™
      Flyer listing common column
      dimensions for this Liquid
      Crystal HPLC Column.

  CombiHead Male Nuts™
      Unique HPLC Nuts can be applied
      by hand or wrench
Inlet & Sparging Stones
      Stainless Steel for HPLC Mobile
      Phase, Top Quality
LC-Clean® Caps for LCMS
      Certified for HPLC & LCMS by LCMS
Mobile Phase Reservoir Bottles
      Plastic coated for safety, standard and
      large capacity
PEEK Accessories for

      Fittings, tubing and inline filters
Pre-Column Filter for HPLC
      Increases Column Life
PQ Kit™ HPLC Performance
      Qualification Kit. Self Compliance.
Solvent Recyclers for HPLC
      Save money, protect the
      environment, low cost!
Suite of Type-C™ Silica Columns
Syringes, Laboratory
      The all plastic syringes are an
      excellent choice for HPLC Filtration
      and Dissolution Testing.
White Paper on Using
      Aqueous Normal Phase
      to Your Advantage

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