Vials, Caps and Inserts

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4ml Vials & Caps (15x45mm)
8-425 Vials, Screw Top
96 Position (1ml) Vials
96 Well Plates, Inserts, Mat
Alliance® Caps & Vials
AQ™ - 9mm Screw Top, EPP
Cap, Screw Top, Single Use
Certified Screw Caps
Crimp Caps, GC & LC
Crimp Top Vials, 2mL
Fused Inserts
Headspace, Screw Top Vials
Headspace, Vials & Caps: Agilent™ Compatible
Headspace, Vials & Caps: CTC™ & Leap™  Compatible
Headspace, Vials & Caps: Varian™ Compatible
Inserts, 2ml, 12x32mm Vials, PP
Inserts, 2ml, 12x32mm Vials, RSA Glass
Inserts, 2ml, 6x29mm, Conical Point w/ Feet, 300µl
Inserts for 1ml, 2ml & 4ml Vials
LCMS Screw Caps
Limited Volume Vials, Plastic, Screw Top
Limited Volume Vials, Plastic, Snap/Crimp
Mass Spec Compatible Plastic, 9mm Vials
Max Recovery Vials: Screw Tops, 15x45
Maximum Recovery Vials: Screw Top, 9mm
Maximum Recovery Vials: Snap Tops
MRQ Max Recovery Vial, Screw Top, 12x32mm
PE Caps & Vials Kits - LCMS
Plastic Inserts for 12x32 Vials
Plastic Vials, 12x32mm
Plastic Vials/Glass Inserts, Screw Top
Plastic Vials/Glass Inserts, Snap Top
Racks, for 12x32mm Autosampler Vials
Racks, for 15x45mm, 4ml Autosampler Vials
Racks, for 20ml, 30ml and 40ml EPA Autosampler Vials
RSA™ Glass Inserts
RSA™ Glass, Screw and Snap/Crimp Top Vials, 9mm
Screw Caps, Magnetic, 9-425, Silicone/PTFE
Screw Caps, 8mm for 12x32mm, 1.5mL Vials
Screw Caps, 9mm for 12x32mm, 1.5mL Vials
Screw Caps, 9mm for 12x32mm Vials, Partial Slit
Screw Top Vial & Cap Kits
Screw Top Vials, 8mm Thread, 12x32mm
Screw Top Vials, 9mm Thread, 12x32mm
Screw Top Vials & Caps (Wide Mouth)
Snap Caps for 12x32mm Snap-Top Vials
Snap/Crimp Top Vial & Cap Kits
Snap/Crimp Top Vials
Vials, Crimp Top, 12x32mm
Vials for Mass Spec - Plastic
Vials, Plastic with Glass Fused Inserts
Vials with Fused Inserts
Wide Tip Inserts