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Water Jackets
For HPLC Column Temperature Control
  • Control Column Temperature
  • Accurate
  • Best Way to Control Temp

This series of column jackets is for the effective and economical temperature control of HPLC columns ranging from the analytical through preparative and process sizes. Temperature control from -30C to 90C provides improved reproducibility. Use of above ambient temperatures reduces back pressure, improves resolution and increases throughput. For reverse phase chromatography, increased temperature allows a decrease of expensive organic solvents in eluent.

The column jackets are used in conjunction with circulating water baths which have high heating and/or cooling capacities. The excellent heat exchange capability of circulating liquids ensures uniform temperature of the columns without "hot spots". Use of below ambient temperature improves many chiral separations. The column jackets are constructed from unbreakable plastic for safety. These jackets are also supplied with brass connections for minimal corrosion. Five inner diameters are available: 1 1/8, 1.82, 3, 4 and 5 inches in a variety of lengths. We will also fabricate column jackets to your specifications.

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