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Suite of Cogent TYPE-C™ Columns
Total Method Development Kit -  Discounted

The Cogent “Suite of Columns” is set of 5 columns of the same configuration consisting of one each of the Bidentate C18™, UDC-Cholesterol™, Bidentate C8™, Diamond Hydride™ and Silica C™. This kit provides an extremely wide spectrum of selectivies and possibilities. The completeness of the range is very convenient when results are elusive and a wider than normal range of possibilities is needed for results; quickly and immediately.

Although each column has somewhat different properties than others in the suite and may overlap selectivity with some compounds on some of the columns in the suite there may be one column that retains longer, gives unique selectivity or produces the needed result when others in the suite do not. It is more than convenient to have these on hand when time is of the essence.

Since each of the columns can be used in Reverse Phase, Normal Phase or Aqueous Normal Phase the range of possibilities is very wide. And all of the columns in the suite can be used at low pH or high pH (upper limit is pH 8 for all except the C18 and the C8 columns which can be used up to pH 10.2). All of the columns rapidly equilibrate between gradients or with initial use making them very quick into service.

Have the full set on hand at all times.

Each Column that can do:
   Reverse Phase
   Normal Phase
   Aqueous Normal Phase

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