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Mini-Columns for Fast LC & LCMS

Mini-Columns with Universal Holder & Storage Case
The Cogent™ Mini/Columns for fast LC or LCMS are packed to analytical specifications and batch tested for packing dynamics. These columns can be run at high flow rates for fast LC or used for “ballistic type” gradients for LCMS. Supplied in re-closable storage cases these columns can be easily installed on any HPLC system with the Capital brand column holder.

Supplied with TYPE-C™ Silica based stationary phases for many diverse applications.
  • Complete set includes one holder and five mini-columns.
  • Replacement 5 packs do not include holders.
  • Available in Bidentate C18™, Bidentate C8™, Phenyl Hydride™, Diamond Hydride™, Silica-C™ or UDC-Cholesterol™
For more information about Phases More Information About Phases
         • Bidentate C18™
         • Bidentate C8™
         • UDC Cholesterol™
         • Diamond Hydride™
         • Phenyl Hydride™
         • Silica C™